98 Determinants of Neonatal and Infant Mortality in Kersa Demographic and Health Survey, Eastern Ethiopia: A Case Control Study

Tuesday, April 24, 2012
Abay Poster Exhibition and Hall (Millennium Hall)
Kedir Teji Roba Haramaya University, Ethiopia
Determinants of Neonatal and Infant Mortality in Kersa Demographic and Health Survey, Eastern Ethiopia:  A Case Control Study. Kedir Teji (MPH)1 Yadeta Dassie,( MPH)1; Nega Assefa( MPH,)1 Tesfaye Gobena(MPH)1


Background: The levels of infant and child mortality are also important indicators to measure health conditions of the society at large. This study was aimed to assess the determinants of infant and neonatal mortality in Kersa District, Oromia Region, Eastern Ethiopia from January 2010 to May 2011.

Methods: A case-control study was carried out among 200 infant 110 neonatal cases and 1240 controls. Cases were defined as all deaths within the first year of life. As controls, there were four selected children born within ±1weeks of died baby who was of the same sex, living in the same residence area and did not die within their first year of life. Socio demographic economic and environmental factors were assessed for all live births in the 2007-2010 periods with a completed live-birth registration and whose mothers lived in the district. Multiple variable analyses were performed using logistic regression.

Results: Out of 110 cases of neonatal death, 60(54.54%) were due to prematurity whereas for infant mortality, Acute Diarrhea/vomiting 53(26.5%), Malnutrition 31(15.6%). Health seeking behavior (treatment out of health institutions), average monthly expenditure less than 500 Eth.Birr, use of unprotected source  of water, mothers age at  current delivery less than 20 years and gestational age less than 37 weeks were variables  found to be predictors of infant  and neonatal mortality after controlling for possible confounders.

Conclusions: Environmental sanitations, safe water supply, reproductive health care more specifically reduction in the prevalence preterm delivery and qualified delivery care interventions by the health care team are recommended in order to mitigate neonatal and infant mortality.  


Learning Objectives: determining the factors affecting infant and neonatal mortality To just forward valuable recommendation base on the determinants identified